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    “Why Do Brands Make Viral Videos?”

    By 4siteVideo 3 years ago

     Certainly everyone loves a sharable moment that makes them smile, laugh or inspires, but what do the brands creating them get?

    Viral video agency dug through the top 100 viral ads of all time, evaluated common content themes related to social sharing metrics and determined the following 10 elements to be most commonly present:


    • Relatable
    • Shocking
    • Contrasts things that don’t belong together
    • Looks like it took a lot time and resources to make
    • Captures reactions out of unsuspecting strangers
    • Challenges a cultural tension in a controversial way
    • Is outright strange and meme-oriented
    • Uses technology in an unexpected way
    • Features a current viral trend or figure
    • Is a wish-fulfillment or fakes something that we wish was real

    Source: Why Do Brands Make Viral Videos?

    ©, All Rights Reserved
    Source: Why Do Brands Make Viral Videos?
    ©, All Rights Reserved

    A viral video can even launch a brand

      Digital Media, Video Marketing
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