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    Ripoff Report Investigates

    By 4siteVideo 3 years ago
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    RRI Promo SHORT from 4siteVideo on Vimeo.

    Ripoff Report Investigates4siteVideo and Greg Montemurro with Former Fox Undercover producer Heidi Cuda developed this consumer series for website 

    The series uncovers consumer fraud and exposes the bad guys, while giving tips on how people can avoid getting Ripped Off.


    • Take a static site and evolve it into a more engaging and dynamic site.

    • develop series that is cost effective and can be monetized with ad revenue

    • Re-Brand a name that has skewed towards and older audince, and increase awareness.

     From Start up, Montemurro worked as product manager in evolving a previously static site, to incorporate a video hosting platform, social integration, and a plan for monetization distribution.

    Greg co-produced and edited this series and is involved with the marketing team in establishing community outreach and brand ambassadors.
    Montemurro created prmotional videos and teases to be used on site and for social engagement.

    Consumer Fraud

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