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    CalFresh – SNAP

    By 4siteVideo 3 years ago
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    CalFresh PSA 60 from 4siteVideo on Vimeo.

    Healthy Eating

    4siteVideo with producer John Schwada and Dakota Communications was asked to produce a commercial spot for CalFresh’s Healthy eating Campaign.
    Greg Montemurro co-produced, shot and edited :30 and :60 commercial spots in both English and Spanish.

    Challenge: Make eating healthy, a wise choice for lower income famiies. Make a video that educates children as well as parents.
    Use graphics to hlep accentuate the points, as this video would also be played on local area bus monitors.

    4siteVideo casted a diverse group for on screen relatability.

    • 4siteVideo  used large colorful graphics that would highlight the important points which could easily be seen when viewing on a bus monitor.

    Result: Increased awarness for SNAP’s healthy eating program and traffic to site.


    • Client: CalFresh – SNAP -Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program
    • Goal: Promote healthy eating to lower income families with 2 commercial spots in both English and Spanish.
    • Outcome: Helped raise awareness for better choices in eating habits. Videos were played on busses in inner cities to target latino viewers.

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