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    By 4siteVideo 3 years ago
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    Screenshot 2016-03-17 20.20.594siteVideo was asked to create a showcase launchpad for Dr. Marcus Erikson, branding him as top notch expert in the Eco Space. With Heidi Cuda and Greg Montemurro, they developed a portfolio of assets, a show, a web series and content for demonstrations. 4siteVideo built a clean simple website purchasing the url, earthDIY, another concept to produce entertaining and helpful videos on how all of us could be better earth inhabitants with do it yourself videos.

    Although earthDIY looks deceptively simple, it’s actually inspired by the revolutionary concept that we don’t have to be a consume-and-obey society but one that looks at our global impacts and determines where we can do better and how we can do it ourselves.

    Bathing the Garden:

    The first earthDIY episode shows how one simple valve can redirect bath and washing machine water to be food for your garden. At a cost of about $50 to install, you not only save money but you save precious resources. Initial episodes:

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