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    By 4siteVideo 3 years ago

    Where do small businesses go to produce videos and and promote their brand?

    Showcase your Biz

    Showcase your Brand


    4siteVideo loves helping small businesses. We understand the challenges, which are often limited resources, tight budgets, lack of time and not even knowing where to start to find the right person or company to promote your business.

    Video is no doubt a powerful tool, but there is much more to it, than just producing a cool video. Your video needs to speak to your audience, be optimized for keywords that your audience is searching for, and smartly distributed on the right platforms to reach that audience.
    Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


    The Palm Restaurant

    4siteVideo is your one-stop shop for creating compelling content and marketing your video through social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    4siteVideo will sit down and listen, to understand your challenges, discover your unique positioning, your goals and formulate a plan with your budget in mind.

    Our SEO and Social Media team will do an audit of your current online presence to see where we can improve on, or where we can utilize our efforts for the biggest impact.
    The biggest problem with small businesses, and limited resources is spreading yourself too thin, or trying to be everywhere. You don’t have to be.  Our team will analysis what the best platform is for your particluar campaign.

    4siteVideo maximizes your budget by producing multiple content and strategies within one, on-location shoot.

    We know you are busy and the logistics and expense of shooting at your location can be a scheduling and budget challenge.  Our team will plan and script out multiple videos that can be edited for different goals and uses.

    Here is an Example: The Fish Shop Hermosa Beach

    Screenshot 2016-06-08 10.40.32

    KTLA’s Vera Jimenez and co-owner of The Fish Shop

    The Fish Shop in Hermosa Beach has been open for over a year. The first year presents so many additional challenges for a business owner but these folks at the Fish Shop have done a great job.  Building on that success, they wanted to enhance their presence and brand within the community. They had no video content.

    A showcase video is a great way to do exactly that, showcase what this place is and has to offer. “I believe a showcase video is a great starting place for most businesses looking to add video to their marketing efforts, Greg Montemurro, founder of 4siteVideo explains. For most people visiting your site, a showcase video puts a face to the business while adding personality and a first hand glimpse of what you can expect when visiting. Unlike other videos designed for a particular campaign, this type of video also has a long shelf life.”

    But 4siteVideo went a step further for their client. Their team wanted to build on its social reach and geo target potential customers within the Southbay area.
    So we produced 4 videos out of one shoot, reducing the cost of later going back and shooting multiple times.

    1. Showcase Video
    2. Commercial
    3. Specials Promotion
    4. Branding Montage Video

    Each of these videos has a certain purpose and other than the Showcase video which will live on its website and enhance the user experience for online visitors, the others will be promoted with Ad Spends on Facebook.

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